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KOTD Ottawa Invasion (October 1st 2011)

After the success of the first event held in July, the KOTD team has planned another Ground Zero event for the first Saturday of October! This one’ll will be packed with another line up of serious battle artists competing for a shot at the big league. 

Come on out and see some live performances before the battles, including THE KINGDOM who will be headlining the pre-battle show. They’ll be tearin up some new material from the ‘Royal Audio - A King’s Scroll’ Mixtape due for release this Friday (August 26). Other guests will be opening up the set, and DJ Deleg8 (The Kingdom’s Official DJ, and DOPE DJ alllll day) will be on the one’s and two’s for the entire event. If he can’t get the crowd into the scene….then the crowd is weak sauce and should go home if they weren’t out to have a good time. 

Come show support to your local artists. Watch a dope live show! Watch dope battles! Watch Deleg8 as he Deleg8’s Ritual Nightclub. Much respect and big ups to Kevy Lo, Gully That Kid, and anybody else on the KOTD Team that make these events possible. 

Royal Audio - A King’s Scroll (AUGUST 2011)

The Kingdom will be releasing their third group project at the end of the month! The instrumental selection for this promo mixtape was solely chosen from Royal Audio Tunes. Y’all need to check them out, seriously. The concept on this one is a smooth flowing story from when the artists started in the game, developed haters, stood up to the nay sayers, earned their respects, being sure to stay level headed, starting a label, and how much “work” being in the game is (no but for real, these dudes WORK HARD), and finally ending off with making sure to keep pumpin out material and not slowin down. 

May as well toss up the track listing!

1. Let the Story Unravel (Intro)

2. The Formula

3. Who’s That

4. Lyrical Murderers

5. Silence

6. Keeping Grounded

7. Interlude

8. Meeting of the Bosses

9. Partying is My Job

10. Hard Work Hangover

11. Back At It

12. Full Speed Ahead

13. That’s a Wrap (Outro)

This project is bound to be well received by any true hip hop head with it’s well thought out concept and beat selection, not to mention a dumb amount of skill. The definitive release date for ‘Royal Audio - A King’s Scroll’ will be announced next week. Stay in tune with us on our facebook fan page for details!


Project Overview

Over the past year, The Kingdom has released 2 group mixtapes, both coming from completely different angles. The first, The Dead Poet Society, was a 20+ track collective of REAL talk, with a few uptempo selections thrown in to ‘lighten the mood’ if you will. As artists, there is no say as to what each project will be like in terms of the general vibe simply because, the camp is independent, and can write and record whatever is felt at the time. If life has the fam feeling pesimistic, chances are, the music will reflect that. The Dead Poet Society was a compilation of some of the most relatable songs out there. If you wanna vibe out and listen to something you can relate to beyond popping bottles and spending money you’ll never have, sit down and listen to reality in wav. form.

The second project from the camp was ‘Finally’, which was a 13 track (11 songs, 2 skits) collection of less deep content, and more of a care free feel. Beats made entirely from Epik The Dawn, the boys sat down and looked for instrumentals that allowed for less serious concepts, and more uptempo tracks to vibe to. While still keeping everything real, this project was a lot less reflective than the previous release. It was completed within a matter of 3 weeks, with a main goal of keeping the ball rolling and seeing what styles were preferred most as a group. 

The Kingdom also released a solo mixtape from K.B. Westwood, entitled ‘A Westwood Story’, a debut from one of the fastest developing artists in the Captial. While recording for the last few songs of ‘The Dead Poet Society’ and during the making of ‘Finally’, Westwood compiled a number of songs, and from that selection came his first solo project. For a man who started off as a producer with the group just over 2 years ago, I think it’s safe to say that he’s got a bright future in music with the dedication and devotion he puts forth every week. Westwood recap : 2 released group mixtapes (1 on the way August 2011), 1 solo mixtape released (1 in the works), 1 group album in the works, live shows, music videos, beat production, still need proof? You couldn’t ask for a harder working artist in a camp, so do yourself a favour and watch out for Westwood. 

Dysiple has been making music for over a decade now, with no signs of slowing up. His lyrical content has improved over the years and continues to do so with each project. People say that skill levels peak, but Dysiple seems to have found a way around it by tweaking concepts, wordplay, multi syllable rhyme schemes, using unique verse/chorus formation. Simple changes to the way one approaches writing is the difference between becoming stagnant, and pushing the envelope one more time. Not only has he shown persistence on the microphone, and production/engineering side of the game, but since 2009, he has been building the foundation for ‘Kingdom Records Canada’ with Co-Founder/Co-CEO SawBuck, and Co-CEO/Manager, Ahmad Youssef. He’s dropped several solo projects in the past and is currently working on one due for release in the near future. Look out for this artist/entrepreneur, he’s a success story as it is, just wait until his hard work pays off. He’s not going anywhere until he’s everywhere, remember that.

SawBuck was involved in Dysiple’s music long before he ever picked up the pen himself. It was only a matter of time being involved in the process before he was pulled in. He started in the game and hasn’t looked back since. His dedication and will to learn anything and everything hip hop has proven to be an asset to ‘The Kingdom’. When they needed to up the ante on the recording side, he didn’t stop until he learned everything. Making beats, mixing, mastering, shooting and editing video, photography, anything related to music, not just writing and recording. SawBuck has the skill to be a success in the music business, but he wants to do it all. His ability to learn what’s needed and show his business partners, has allowed the camp to do everything ‘in house’. He has several solo and group projects over the years, proving his musical abilities, but now, he’s showing a business grind like no other. SawBuck eats, sleeps and breathes THE KINGDOM. Don’t ignore this kat, he makes sure he gets what he wants, and he’s got his eye on the entire scene. 

Keep in tune with the camp, they’re literally just GIVING away grade ‘A’ material.

If this company is about anything, it’s about discipline and staying focused.
Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Records

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Whattup people?! This is a track off our new mixtape ‘Royal Audio’ due for release at the end of August 2011. Check out our blog on ‘Royal Audio - A King’s Scroll’ for the quick run down on the concept behind the project, it’s a dope one fa sheez. Stay hungry people, we’re servin hottness 365. We stand one.

This is our first ‘in-studio’ video for our Friday Night Lights series. Just a quickly filmed session of us jammin just to add some visual to our weekly track, which we then exclusively upload on our reverbnation page in mp3 for download. Check it out! It’s THE KINGDOM!